Xpect has moved to the cloud

We know businesses who embrace new technologies become more competitive, improve their business efficiency and increase product sales, through better engagement with their customers.

The team at CIBIS are at the forefront of the software industry and we know the future of business system technologies, contemporary user-friendly design, cloud-based architectures, security,and compliance with privacy laws are fundamental elements.

We work with our clients to develop sophisticated cloud-based software to optimise their business performance. Our focus on continuous improvement means we always strive to enhance and improve our products in line with customer needs. We’ve invested significantly in the development of our new Xpect enterprise cloud platform (ECP). This generation of Xpect has moved away from the foundation Windows version.

Designed for SMEs as a fully unified cloud-based system, Xpect integrates data from every area of the business. We spent the time ensuring each module is fully integrated from day one, so that our clients need not worry about the tech and can work on their core business having convenient and immediate access to all data. Being a cloud-based platform, data can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

The sophisticated design, breadth of functionality and ease of navigation will support your business needs and goals, wherever you are on your growth journey, from a start up to a well-established business.

Leading Australian independent business software advisor, Matt Paff, Principal at Value Adders commented, “Xpect surprises with a broad cross-section of functionality. From eCommerce to Accounting, Payroll to Job management, Inventory control to CRM – not something you expect in a solution priced for SMEs.”

The Xpect ECP platform offers a large range of new features, functionality and tools, including:

  • Integrated financial management
  • Payroll (STP 2 compliant with ATO)
  • Advanced automation capabilities
  • Website builder and user-friendly CMS
  • Online member portal with customer loyalty schemes
  • Marketing campaigns and communication
  • eCommerce platform
  • Multi-currency support

We know business growth and gaining a competitive advantage relies on delivering a good customer experience. We also know that in the current online market, technology is essential to delivering products or services that meet the growing demands of customers.

Our software products are robust, scalable and use the latest security and protection technologies, to ensure our products deliver and we host it all right here in Australia, so customers have peace of mind that their data is secure.

To learn more about how CIBIS technologies can help you digitally transform your business, while you realise the benefits, just contact one of our team.

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