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The Challenges

Xpect will transform the way you manage your business, delivering efficiencies, reducing costs and eliminating the stress of managing multiple disparate systems.
A big dilemma for SMEs is knowing when to migrate away from an SME accounting system (with loads of 'add-ons') to a single, robust, scalable cloud-based platform. A business system that does it all.

Moving to a global ERP system is not a feasible solution for most small to medium size businesses. ERP systems can be complex and involve huge costs, time and resources to implement. What's more, Gartner report that well over half of all ERP projects fail to meet their objectives.
Simplified ERP process
SME accounting software with multiple add-ons can cause app fatigue
A popular alternative is using SME accounting software with multiple software'‘add-ons', however, this can not only lead to increased costs, training and business risks, but businesses suffer 'app fatigue' caused by having too many different systems, with different logins, user interfaces and systems/vendors to manage.

We think SMEs need a practical 'fit for purpose' alternative to a fully-blown ERP.
Xpect is the step up for your business. It enables you to move away from an SME accounting system (plus 'add-ons' model), to a single business system that will manage all your business functions. This will reduce your subscription costs, upgrades, maintenance, staff training and significantly decrease technology and security risks.

With the growing demand in online transactions, supply chain changes and customer centricity, taking advantage of these functions has never been more important. .

Considering your business growth plans, will your current accounting and business management system be adequate for your business needs in 3, 5 or 10 years' time?
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Xpect allows you consolidate all business systems into one platform

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