The Xpect solution – an alternative to increasing software costs

At CIBIS we believe technology and data are fundamental to the growth and competitiveness of any business, regardless of type, size or geography. Every day we see technology transforming our clients’ operations, increasing efficiencies and growth, while improving their customers’ experience.

While the global software market is huge, more than a decade ago, we identified a need in the Australian SME market for a ‘whole of business’ solution. A system that would capture information, activity and data across every area of a business including finance, marketing, sales, inventory, HR and operations.

Our customers, in many sectors, have shared their concerns about the ongoing costs and management of their growing portfolio of software, apps and systems. They’ve talked about the desirability of having a single system giving them greater control and visibility of their entire business operations, but it needed to be affordable and eliminate costs associated with the impost of managing multiple systems. A global ERP solution was cost prohibitive.

SME’s are no different and the challenges faced by Australian SMEs in terms of using fragmented systems prompted us to develop a ‘fit for purpose’ alternative to a global ERP.

We originally started developing Xpect, as a Windows-based solution, but growth in Apple’s offerings coupled with the massive transition to browser-based solutions made us revisit the platform and change our approach. The end result has been extraordinary and now Xpect is fully browser-based and also suitable for handheld devices.

Leading Australian independent business software advisor, Matt Paff, Principal at Value Adders told us, “I often talk about the SMERP Dilemma, the chasm that exists between SME solutions like Xero and MYOB AR and ERP systems like MYOB Advanced, NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics. Xpect is one of the few products I’ve seen that targets this gap in the market. An end-to-end solution with the usability of SME systems without the need for add-ons and the broad functionality most often only found in ERP but at a price point that most growing SMEs can afford.”

Xpect centralises information and data from across every part of your business, giving you greater control and visibility of business performance. Designed, built and hosted in Australia for Australian businesses, Xpect is feature rich, scalable and secure. To learn more about how CIBIS technologies can help you digitally transform your business, while you realise the benefits, just contact one of our team.

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