Key Xpect Modules

Each Xpect module has been designed and developed with users front of mind. Xpect makes it easy to view, transact and analyse information from right across your business. The platform's user interface architecture is simple, easy to navigate and most of all, it is practical and intuitive.
Xpect modules offer a range of functionality from eCommerce to Accounting, Payroll to Job management, Inventory control to CRMXpect modules offer a range of functionality from eCommerce to Accounting, Payroll to Job management, Inventory control to CRMXpect modules offer a range of functionality from eCommerce to Accounting, Payroll to Job management, Inventory control to CRM
Xpect offers a range of practical features, functionality and tools, available across areas. They are all integrated into one easy to use system.
“Xpect surprises with a broad cross-section of functionality. From eCommerce to Accounting, Payroll to Job management, Inventory control to CRM – not something you expect in a solution priced for SMEs”.
Matt Paff
Matt Paff at Value Adders
Xpect's Sales and POS module has a user-friendly design and intuitive navigation, making it easy for anyone to use.
You'll have greater control of your sales functions with Xpect. Setup price changes for specific stores, all stores, or your online store in advance. Price changes are applied automatically on your chosen date/time. View the sales of all stock items (including various margins and percentage) for a selected branch period or stock range.

Xpect makes it easy to accept payments for your products and services, whether in-store or online. Xpect POS is fully integrated with optional EFTPOS integration and a fully featured e-commerce enabled website - making customer sales and transactions stress-free from your online or retail presence.

You and your employees can manage and track orders and sales, with clear visibility of inventory levels, location and availability.
Xpect's POS features includes:
  • Fully eCommerce enabled
  • EFTPOS enabled
  • Pricing flexibility and loyalty, frequent buyer options
  • Differential pricing across different categories of customers
  • Support for customer-specific contract pricing
  • Support for individual branch-specific pricing
  • Support for layby, stock holds, subscriptions and orders
  • Inter-branch transfers and enquiries including stock availability
  • Track sales targets of staff and branches including providing real time feedback
  • Multiple cash drawer reconciliation and banking
  • Advanced eCommerce in addition to options for Shopify & eBay integration
  • Subscription and recurrent billing (with or without contracts)
  • Supports unique PIN numbers per staff member that use a common POS terminal.
Track and forecast your sales to increase business growth
Xpect's sophisticated analytics functionality allows you to see your customer sales and compare forecasted versus actual sales data. This is a powerful tool that will give you a clearer view of your position in real time, enabling you to pivot your strategy and campaigns more quickly.
View and report on sales across multiple branches
With Xpect you can view the sales of all stock items for a selected branch and time period. Master Stock quantity reports will generate a rolling 4-week sales history and sales forecast. You can also view the same report, listing all items from a specified supplier.
Customer self-service options
Via the Xpect Members' portal, customers can view their account history online, make payments, download product information sheets, check their order and delivery status, manage e-news subscriptions, update contact and billing details and more.
Xpect accepts multiple payment methods
With Xpect you can offer your customers a variety of payment options, including cash, credit cards, EFTPOS, cheques, gift vouchers or PayPal.
Xpect is fully e-commerce enabled, making the launch and management of a web store easier than ever. The platform offers a scalable, customisable, feature-rich solution that makes e-retail and online merchandising easy.

Xpect offers a complete range of advanced POS functions, including store specific pricing, multiple discount levels, lay-bys and credit notes. Xpect will meet all your customers' expectations and deliver an experience that will have them returning to your website.

Customise your website pages to increase sales(configuration is in your hands)

With Xpect you can include detailed product descriptions or customer generated reviews on your pages. It's built-in merchandising features allow for multiple images at different resolutions (thumbnail, medium, full size), automatically generated from a single high-resolution image. You have option to display an auto-generated list of best-selling items for the past week, or month, or any time period you specify.

You’re not bound to any download or bandwidth limits, either. List as many products online as you like!

eBay fully integrated into your website
Xpect provides an optional fully-automated eBay integration module, making it easier than ever to start selling goods on eBay. The integration will enable:
  • Publishing individual stock items to eBay as individual listings
  • Publishing master stock items on eBay as multi-variant listings
  • Synchronising available stock quantity levels with eBay
  • Ending listings on eBay when an item is sold out
  • Creating orders in Xpect when an item is purchased on eBay
  • Creating a payment in Xpect when a PayPal payment is received for an order on eBay
  • Marking an order as shipped and providing the tracking number on eBay when the order is despatched from Xpect.
Seamlessly integrates into your business
With Xpect, your e-commerce website is simply an extension of your business. Product information, and optionally inventory levels and pricing are handled seamlessly in conjunction with your retail/POS activities. Xpect's design is user friendly and navigation is easy, so whatever level your website skills are you will be able to manage your website with ease using Xpect.

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Xpect enables you to fully engage and build better relationships with your customers, key contacts and suppliers.
You will strengthen your existing customer relationships, whilst building up your customer base using Xpect's powerful CRM campaign management tool. You can manage and track outbound email campaigns and communicate directly with customers via the Members' portal. Xpect will manage your lead tracking and targeting, with decision tree support.

Customer engagement and communications are made easy with the Xpect CRM functions and campaign management features. The Xpect platform will help you plan and implement your marketing strategy. Every captured detail relating to your customers (past, present and planned) can be easily accessed and analysed. The key differentiator is that its all within one system and it immediately helps you to maximise sales, minimise your costs and improve business relationships.
Xpect's CRM module includes:
  • Contact/customer profiles
  • Loyalty programs and rewards
  • SMS integration
  • Membership pricing options
  • Lead tracking and decision tree support
  • Activity tracking integration with MS Exchange™
  • Mailouts and newsletters
  • Email autoresponders
  • POP3 / SMTP email
  • Client web portal that connects directly to CRM functions
  • Advanced campaign management including automation
  • Mail merge and Document Management
Pinpoint opportunities for growth
With Xpect you'll have complete visibility of customer records, activity and purchasing behaviours. Xpect takes the guess work out of identifying growth opportunities across your business. Xpect's built-in tools identify trends in customers' buying behaviours, enabling you to focus your time and money on the areas where growth is most likely.
Streamline your marketing campaigns and track their success
You can generate highly targeted mailing lists with sophisticated filtering, which is all fully customisable. You can define your success metrics and a hierarchy of campaign objectives, then track their success. These powerful features will enable you to determine where to best invest your marketing spend.
Reward your customers
Creating and managing frequent buyer programs is easy with Xpect. You simply set your desired point accumulation rate and customers can begin earning reward points. This automated process, means credits are automatically awarded to your customers when they shop with you. Xpect even makes adjustments for unclaimed loyalty and gift vouchers on your balance sheet.
Automate your lead generation activity for increased sales
Improve the quality of your marketing and lead-generation efforts with the Xpect CRM module. Plan targeted campaigns aligned to your marketing strategy. Schedule marketing activities, set up task reminders, allocate tasks and easily track their success.

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Xpect allows the easy management of all your financial and accounting transactions. It is STP 2 enabled so your business is ATO compliant.
Designed for use by business owners, not just accountants, Xpect's account keeping module can be tailored to suit the financial structure of your organisation. Customise information for each ledger account to compare, for example, different product lines or web store versus bricks and mortar store transactions. Detailed histories are also held indefinitely making any account in any period accessible with ease.
Xpect's Accounts module includes:
  • Accounts and General Ledger management
  • Banking
  • Budgeting
  • Creditors/debtors
  • POS
  • LayBy
  • Bank reconciliations
  • eBanking
  • Recurring transactions
  • Interbranch accounting
  • Quotes with conversion to orders/sales
  • Specials pricing and scheduled sales price changes
  • Payroll (STP compliant with ATO)
  • Project and job costing
  • Multi-currency support
  • Advanced subscriptions billing
You can transact with customers and suppliers in different currencies and have different bank accounts in different currencies too. Xpect updates foreign exchange rates on a daily basis ensuring you have an opportunity to adjust your balance sheet to account for exchange rate fluctuations with ease - including accounts payable and receivable balances.

When you finalise transactions, the variations in exchange rates are formally accounted for and reflected on your profit and loss and balance sheet.
A range of banking models are supported by Xpect. It accepts payments into different bank accounts based on location of sale and/or payment types. Xpect can also report branches as separate profit centres and purchasing and invoicing options are very flexible. Different payments can also be separated and reconciled into their own bank accounts.

Reconcile your Cash Drawers to create bank deposits slips, pay staff and suppliers electronically and export payments to banking apps.

You can action transfers between your various bank accounts including dealing with fees, multicurrency transactions, deposits, ad-hoc disbursements and receipts along with other activities to align them with your preferred business practice.
Human resources and payroll
Manage your employee information and payroll functions with ease. You can quickly access employee details, save personal documents under each employee record and report on the information with ease. Xpect allows you to manage salary increases, different salary structures, timesheets and auto-generates payslips and employee communications.

Xpect's payroll module allows you to record all payroll related information for all employees including configuration of a default payslip where appropriate. This can include wages, expenses, deductions, taxes and leave entitlements.

You can also optionally track your accrued leave liabilities including being able to cater for automatic adjustments associated with salary changes directly within your profit and loss, also with the corresponding liability adjustments on the balance sheet.

XPECT's payroll module is fully integrated and certified as compliant by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Single Touch Payroll (STP) obligations. You can upload confidential information about employees including their certifications, resumes and qualifications along with medical, workers compensation and insurance records with confidence that only approved users may access this information after authenticating via multi-factor authentication. Adherence to Australia Privacy Principles was key to the development of this module.

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Xpect gives you visibility of your entire inventory from purchasing to warehousing to sales.
With Xpect, inventory is fully integrated and offers complete multi-location inventory control from procurement processes - including purchase requests, right through to good inwards.

You can easily track stock levels across all stores and warehouses. Stock quantities are captured and displayed in real time, giving you full control over shrinkage, changes to quantities and stock returns.
Xpect's Stock management module includes:
  • Branch pricing
  • Full bar-coding support
  • Stock control options
  • Support for multi-variant items (e.g. size and colour)
  • Multi-branch distribution, warehousing and tracking
  • Bin location and picking slips
  • Faulty goods tracking
  • Build assemblies and kits
  • Derived stock (with yield and wastage)
  • Customer level pricing options
  • Multicurrency display on website
  • Publishing to website optionally including stock level and availability per branch
  • Automatic creation of pending purchase orders to suppliers
  • Automatic transfers of stock between branches to maintain stock availability
  • Support for multiple suppliers per stock item (and different supplier per branch)
  • Support for various units of measure for ordering from different suppliers
  • Supports quantity break discounting for sales functions
Automating the task of monitoring stock levels and timely re-ordering
Improved efficiencies for the service industry
Respond to customers more quickly and efficiently by recording key price details in XPECT. You can easily access this information for inclusion in quotations, sales orders, purchase orders, sales invoices, shipping dispatches and job cost functions.

XPECT will improve the management and handling of inventory and stock - whatever business you're in.
Streamlined system for moving stock
Employees can quickly locate a product and organise shipment on the spot, from any store, warehouse, or branch location with Xpect. Tracking is completely automated, so you and your employees have visibility of all product-movements.
Increased automation to reduce costs and improve customer engagement
Automated ordering, freight, insurance and exchange rate calculations are some of the many features of XPECT that help you save time and money. Xpect also keeps your customers up to date with their order status, using automated email features and fully integrated web portal.
Stocktaking made simple
XPECT enables you to perform full or partial stocktakes at any store, at any time, with support for barcode readers to maximise efficiency.
Stock Adjustments
Track adjustments to stock inventory levels with ease to account for lost or stolen stock, or to revalue stock on hand at any time.
  • Supplier purchase orders
  • Supplier invoices
  • Supplier debits
  • Supplier returns
  • Payments and refunds
  • Automatic cost price changes on receipt of goods and/or on receipt of invoice.
XPECT allows you to distinguish between products ordered for inventory (and resale) or for internal supplies, services and internal asset purchases.

Workflow processes around purchase orders and their approvals is also fully supported. This is ideal for businesses operating in a decentralised fashion having multiple branch locations and staff.

XPECTt also supports the well-accepted practice of separating staff roles so that raising a purchase request, sending purchase orders, receiving goods, processing and of suppliers are well-controlled with appropriate separation of function. It all helps guard against fraud.

XPECT also tracks supplier returns with options to receive replacements, debits or writing off the goods.

Multi-variant product lines are also well-supported enabling you to raise an order with your supplier in a matrix format (such as size and colour). It's about saving you time from preparing this information manually.

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Xpects adopts a hierarchical approach to project and job costing functions. A project typically consists of one or more jobs. A job might consist of one or more tasks (and have stock and purchases booked to the job), and the tasks can have time (labour) booked to it.

Tasks can vary between being a fixed rate task (independent of how many hours are allocated to it) or a variable task type rate (tracking the time against it). Time booked to Tasks can also be marked as chargeable or non-chargeable and additionally be flagged as being a variation to a contract allowing you to generate more income.

You can configure spend authorisation and approval limits for any stock and purchasing requisitions associated with job and support for workflow tracking the requisitioning process is included. These limits can vary depending on whether the job is external client-facing work, or internal jobs. It's about giving you confidence that business rules, approvals, traceability and auditability is all in place.

Considerable flexibility exists for invoicing clients for materials, stock and partially completed work right throughout the Project/Job lifecycle. It helps manage your cash flows and risk. These activities are supported by a complete workflow around the job, task, labour, allocation and the purchasing life-cycle.

XPECT also tracks Work in Progress (WIP) against budgets providing timely information about deviations from budget and the potential impact on project profitability.

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Use Xpect's website and CMS for better customer engagement and increased sales. With Xpects's Members' portal you can tailor the experience for your customers.
Xpect's integrated Content Management System will support all your business sales and marketing campaigns out of the box. Editing and updating content on your website is easy, ensuring your brand and product is always up to date

Xpect's Members Portal gives your members and/or customers secure access to update personal details, manage subscriptions, register for events, make online payments, and much more.
Xpect's Website and Members' Portal module includes:
  • Advanced website content management system (CMS)
  • Integrated statistics and tracking
  • Website newsletters
  • Information publication levels
  • Membership areas
  • Website 'call to actions' tracking enquiries
  • E-commerce payments
  • Automated settlement of accounts within terms
  • Early payment discounts
  • Web purchase authorisation spend limits
  • Advanced form building support associated with product, service or subscription purchases
DIY content management
Take complete control over your website content with Xpect. Self-manage your static website, Member Portal, or Advanced eCommerce site. Effortlessly generate new content, promote specials and engage with your customers as often as you like.
Publishing permissions & version control
With Xpect, you can set permissions for member-created content and staff publishing rights. Xpect enables you to approve pages and content before being published. It also includes a full audit trail and version control to roll back to previous versions if needed.
Website page templates to suit your business
Xpect provides options for fixed and custom designed templates to make creating new pages and content simple. Just select the template that suits your page activity and start adding content.
Build better relationships with your customers via the Members' Portal
With Xpect you can create various member types and control access permissions, or manage special pricing.

You can collect payments online and automatically reconcile them, including donations. You can customise contact filters for highly targeted e-marketing and from within the portal you can build dynamic forms for event registration, surveys, voting polls and more.

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