Xpect is delivering real value for clients

For more than two decades we’ve been designing and building software to help our business and government clients digitise and automate their businesses, to achieve growth, efficiencies and customer loyalty.

After significant investment and a long pipeline of development, our Xpect software continues to deliver real value for clients. The experienced tech team at CIBIS designed XPECT to meet the specific needs of Australian SMEs. We’ve built a product that simplifies business management, providing a seamless end-to-end view of your business operations.

Since launching the original Windows version of XPECT a decade ago, we’ve seen XPECT help clients to increase their sales, automate processes and build trusted relationships with their customers. Client users included associations, universities, retailers, internet companies, helicopter rescue services and more.

Our valued client John Brown, Managing Director of leading local Australian clothing company, Orange Clothing Company said about Xpect, “We’re only just scratching the surface of XPECTS’s CRM capabilities….I’m sure that XPECT will be part of Orange Clothing Co for our trading future”.

We’ve worked closely with clients to continuously evolve and improve our XPECT product, introducing new features and functionality tailored for SMEs. Over the years, XPECT has transformed the way our clients run their businesses and engage their customers.

We build intelligent, user-friendly systems that can be used by anyone. We listen to our clients and keep abreast of the evolving technologies, to ensure our products continuously improve and stay at the cutting edge of technology.

We’ve designed a business system that centralises and integrates all business information into one easy to use system. No more ‘app fatigue’. To learn more about how CIBIS technologies can help you digitally transform your business, while you realise the benefits, just contact one of our team members.

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